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Every Grain Of Daawat Brown Basmati Is A Promise Of Authenticity

Most brown rice grains sold in the market lack the full Bran layer. This helps cook it faster but strips the grain of its essential nutrients. Daawat Brown Basmati undergoes the unique HET process so it retains the grain's full Bran layer, natural taste and goodness.

Here's How Daawat Brown Basmati Contributes To Your Health

  • Essential Nutrient Abundance
  • High Fibre Goodness
  • Zero Cholesterol Wellness

Nutrition Value

  • 9.7g Protein
  • 350Kcal Energy
  • 5.0mg Sodium
  • 0mg Suger
  • 11mg Calcium
  • 2.5g Dietary Fiber

The secret behind India's favourite quick cooking Brown Basmati

We developed a unique Hydration Enhancement Technique (HET) that makes Daawat Brown Basmati easier to cook while also retaining its inherent goodness by moisturising its Bran layer. The HET process helps water penetrate the grain easily and cooks it in just 15 minutes.

Daawat Brown Rice Shelf Life Advantage – It doesn’t become rancid

Most of the commonly available Brown Rice becomes rancid after 3-4 months. The rice oil present in the Bran gets rancid due to activity of an enzyme called Lipase. Due to this fact some Brown rice may get rancid even before it reaches to consumer.

When you buy Daawat Brown Rice you get the advantage of it staying fresh for minimum 24 months because we have the special technology to deactivate this Lipase enzyme so that it doesn’t become rancid. At the same time we also ensure that the full bran of the rice remains intact & all the benefits & nutrition’s of Brown Rice is delivered to you so that you can enjoy the taste & softness of Daawat Brown Rice.

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